Toolwelle Drilling and chisels SDS Plus Set 12 Piece

-SDS Plus rock drilling
-Complete set
-Convenient storage case
-Easy drill holes
-Professional SDS quality
-High Speed drill
-Nowhere cheaper

  • 14 day trial period
  • 4-5 workdays delivery time







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Toolwelle Drilling and chisels SDS Plus Set 12 Piece


  • Content Case:
  • -Rock drilling:
  • --Ø 5 mm 110 mm
  • -110 mm-Ø 6 mm
  • -160 mm-Ø 8 mm
  • -10 mm-Ø 160 mm
  • --Ø 12 mm 160 mm
  • --Ø 14 mm 210 mm
  • -Ø 16 mm-210 mm
  • --Ø 18 mm 300 mm
  • -20 mm-Ø 450 mm
  • -1 x Hollow chisel 250 mm
  • -1 x flat chisel 250 mm
  • -1 x Point chisel 250 mm
  • EAN: 8719958114937


Just drill a hole in the wall that cable, or do you want the swing or horse box screwing on a concrete subfloor? Whatever you desire, you are with this set in each case sure you the desired holes in wall floor, concrete or any other stone material easily creates. This 12-piece turning tool set borenset and with SDS plus connection is a complete addition to your hammer drill.

This professional drill meet standards SDS drill and has the property fast and accurate drilling and are suitable for heavy impact features and hard concrete. In addition you will stand by the quality of the drilling a long time of the drill experienced, good to know. Of course, this complete set comes in a handy storage case so you can always and everywhere the drills with it you go.

With this huge set quality drilling you have always the right drill for hands. This professional rock drilling set is equipped with all standard sizes (see specifications). Not for nothing is this SDS stone borenset known among professionals and only available today for any consumer for a dump price.

Take advantage of this offer while stocks last!