Toolwelle brush set 38 Piece

-Cleaning of pipes, cylinders, etc.
-Storage case with numbering
-Quick Release
-Professional quality
-No less than 38 piece
-Indispensable for every handyman
-Nowhere cheaper

  • 14 day trial period
  • 4-5 workdays delivery time







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Toolwelle brush set 38 Piece


  • -Suitable for cleaning pipes, cylinders or weapons
  • -Manual or electric/pneumatic equipment
  • -6.3 mm hexagonal shaft
  • -Sturdy plastic case with brush numbering
  • -12 x nylon brush size. 8-19
  • -12 x steel brushes Gr. 8-19
  • -12 x Brass brush size. 8-19
  • -1 x 150 mm extension with quick release 1/4 "
  • -1 x ergonomic grip, rubber and studded with quick release
  • -1 x Storage Case of sturdy plastic with brushes numbering
  • -Total length of the brush: 101 mm
  • -Brush zoom length: 52 mm
  • -Dimensions case: H-50 mm, B-400 mm, length-260 mm
  • -Weight: 1500 gr
  • EAN: 8719958114913


This set is suitable for cleaning spray attachment holes, threads and other often hard-to-reach places in, for example, the engine block!

This set provides so for cleaning or deburring of cylindrical bodies. In addition, the brushes are operated via the hexagonal shaft, with drill or pneumatic devices. The range consists of nylon-steel and brass brushes in sizes 8-19 mm.

The wire brushes are mainly used for removing rust, the brass brushes for the roughening of metal parts and the soft nylon brushes for removing dirt. By the small dimensions are the brushes ideal for finer work.

Toolwelle State in Germany known for its professional and top quality tools. All Toolwelle tools are carefully tested before they leave the factory and, of course, we offer full warranty.

Take advantage of this offer while stocks last!