Solar Led Number

-No power connection required
-Two large LEDs lighting
-Turns on automatically in the dark
-Solar Panel with built-in battery
-Waterproof STAINLESS STEEL housing
-6-8 hour burn time
-Including numbers and letters
-Adhesive for on the White Board
-Very competitively priced
-As long as supplies last

  • 14 day trial period

This product is not available at the moment

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Solar Led Number


  • -6-8 hour burn time
  • -Including numbers and letters
  • -Two large LEDs lighting
  • -No power connection required
  • -Solar Panel with built-in battery
  • -Waterproof STAINLESS STEEL housing
  • -Adhesive for on the White Board
  • EAN: 8719958054226


Save on your energy bills with this design house number with LED lights! Many people forget the outside of their home a more luxurious look and is rarely thought to the house number. Sin, because also there is to play with. Today you can purchase a luxury design house number, which is visible even at night, thanks to the LED-lighting. This LED light is powered by a Ni-MH mignon battery, which is charged by a solar panel. So, you have no external power required.

Let's first explain what a Solar LED number. That is a easy-to-read, illuminated house number plate with an attractive and sleek appearance. Easily visible from a distance, both day and night. As soon as darkness falls, the lights automatically. your House is always so easy to find.

You will receive a complete package consisting of a plate where the figures and any letter on the go, a waterproof lighting unit from STAINLESS STEEL with LED ยด s and on the top solar panels and of course numbers and letters. When the sun slowly towards the horizon disappears and dusk strikes, know the LED lighting of the house number, that he should go. By the way, do you have no external power required for this LED lights, because he works on solar energy. No extra charge on your utility bill. And you can be sure that you the whole evening light on your track has seem, because with a full battery can quickly burn six to eight hours.

On the white plate you can paste the appropriate combination. And since the numbers 0 to 9 three times, you can define both your new and old house number so if you move house. Do you have an extra addition? That is also possible. The letters A to F are one time included. All large and self-adhesive. You will receive 0-9 figures, (3 x) and a font of A-F, (1 x) all large and adhesive to paste on the illuminated area. For mounting on the wall are 2 screws and plugs supplied.

Take advantage of this offer while supplies last, because OP = OP!