Professional Telescope Water Brush

-Telescopic aluminium handle
-Differentiated bristles
-Sweeping and cleaning in 1 movement
-3 parts, adjustable to 2
-With on and off button
-No electricity needed
-Incl. hose connection for water supply
-No water waste
-Gardena connection

  • 14 day trial period
  • 3-4 workdays delivery time
  • Hurry, only 2 available!







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Professional Telescope Water Brush


  • -2 m slide out
  • -Sweeping and cleaning in 1 movement
  • -3 parts, adjustable up to 2 m
  • EAN: 8719958057814


Do you have trouble getting your caravan, motorhome, boat, car or your Windows to wash? Today we have the solution for you! The Royale brush with a lightweight telescopic aluminium stick is up to 2 meters! This handy click & clean autowasborstel is ideal for your car, caravan or wash Windows. And because use is made of split bristles there is absolutely no possibility of scratches. On the back is the telescopic handle with a hose connection for water supply. The Foam grip pieces on the handle also for extra comfort.

The annual, monthly or weekly large cleanup. Your living room will fix several times a month on a turn are treated to, while your car that most likely does not have. But also to every now and then a hefty bucket of water over her dofkleurige lacquer. With a shiny car makes you more impression. Washing your car, truck, tractor or Windows has never been easier by this very generous brush with a lightweight telescopic aluminium stick.

With this broom you no longer need to climb up the ladder. This water broom is ready to use! He is very suitable for robust floor surfaces to clean. Such as terraces, paths and driveways. You can connect him just on the water supply system. Because this broom robust bristles, he is therefore suitable for the cleaning of uneven floors, seams and recesses.

With the Special nozzle you can remove even stubborn dirt. The Original Water bromine water steel you can with no problems on the brush. With the telescope water steel anywhere you can. Thanks to the OGS connector allows you to easily connect the shank on the Gardena System pipe fittings and the garden hose. The water flows through the steel directly to the brush. Thereby you do not ever stop and water from the bucket. The steel you can adjust up to 200 cm and can be adapted individually to the situation, up to a maximum height of about 2 meters.

Through the telescope to bring this feature is also on the way in, for example, your RV or truck. With the Foam grip is prolonged comfort guaranteed. This telescopic brush is suitable for professional use.

Take advantage of this sharp offer while supplies last.