Pet Comfort Animals brush 2 in 1

-Complete brush 2 in 1
-Suitable for dogs and cats
-Removes dead hair
-Adds shine back
-Lose less hair
-Optimal care
-Nowhere cheaper

  • 14 day trial period
  • 1-2 workdays delivery time
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Pet Comfort Animals brush 2 in 1


  • -2 in 1
  • -Color: red, black
  • -Brand: Pet Comfort
  • -Suitable for all dogs and cats
  • EAN: 8719958063594


The care of coat is of course very important to have your dog or cat a healthy appearance. Animals brushes ensure that the loose hair of the dog disappear and so please also make your House what cleaner when the dog verhaart. We offer you today the ultimate animals brush of the top brand Pet Comfort.

This handy Pet Comfort Animals brush helps you to coat your dog or cat to untangle and at the same time, its luster back. With the side with pens, picks up your loose and dead hair from the coat and with the soft side you can be pampered your cat and make sure that the coat remains in optimal condition. If your pet regularly combed is he loses much less hair.

A dog can his fur itself not optimal care and need the help of his boss. How often do you check your dog needs brushing and/or combing depends on the type of coat your dog. Also remove by brushing the fabrics and remove dirt from the fur. This will allow the coat less smell. Any wounds on pests you can by brushing up against and you will go directly to action! In short, a good coat care, your dog.

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