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Ninyas LED Strip RGB 3 m with remote control

-Create a beautiful atmosphere
-Easy confirmation by adhesive strips
-With remote control
-Water resistant
-With RGB remote control (16 colors!)
-Bright, attractive to adjust light
-Nowhere cheaper!

  • 14 day trial period

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Ninyas LED Strip RGB 3 m with remote control


  • -Adhesive
  • -Water-Resistant Strip
  • -Energy efficient
  • -High-intensity Leds
  • -Including RGB remote control
  • -16 different colors
  • -Exclusively for indoor use
  • -To adjust Brightness
  • -3 Meter long strip
  • -90 led's
  • -Connecting it to 220-240v/50 Hz
  • 5 different modes:
  • -Standard
  • -Flash
  • -Strobe
  • -Fade
  • -Smooth
  • EAN: 8715435676349


Are you looking for a way to get some more atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or barn? Then we have the perfect deal for you today. Today we have these 3 meter long RGB LED Strip of Ninyas on offer. This beautiful atmosphere Ninyas maker comes with a remote control with many different features.

You can choose from no less than 16 different colors. In addition, there are 5 different functions with which you can make the atmosphere even more pleasant. You can even set the brightness to your preference.

Often the TV takes a central place in the living room. This is a very nice place to serve as a light source. And here come the TV led strips! Invisible from the front, but if they seem against the wall to where the TV is suddenly a very beautiful light source. Just because the light is visible and the led strip itself does not, we speak of indirect lighting. And that is not entirely coincidentally exactly how the best led strips come into their own!

Have you ever suffered from tired eyes while watching TV? That's because there is a lot of light from the TV comes while the background is dark. Your eyes need to adjust here on what the tired feeling caused. To alleviate by the background should fix this on. You can decide what color the light is. That way you can always find the right setting that suits you best and most of the rest.

You can, however, also the LED Strip into your bedroom, under your bed, in your barn, in your basement or wherever. With its many options there is always a suitable setting to make your space attractive!

Take advantage of this deal while supplies last!