Ninyas Ear and head infrared thermometer with Digital Display

To measure in-ear and on forehead
Screen light automatically on
-Integrated LCD Display
-Measuring very precise
-Reliable result
-Remembers up to 20 observations
-Nowhere cheaper!

  • 14 day trial period

This product is not available at the moment

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Ninyas Ear and head  infrared thermometer with Digital Display


  • -Color: White
  • Batteries: 3 x AAA batteries
  • -Automatic shut-off
  • -Remembers up to 20 observations
  • -Measuring range: 35.0 ~ 42.2 ° temperature
  • -Ear temperature 32.0 ° C to 42.2 ° C
  • -Temperature units: ° C/° F can be set
  • -Measuring time: 1 second
  • -Automatically: no editing after 1 minute
  • Memory storage: 20 sets measurement data
  • -Buzzer: loudness ≧ 50 dB (dB volume meter and thermometer body vertical distance of 10 cm)
  • -Emissivity: 0.95
  • -Measurement distance: 1 ~ 6 cm
  • -Low voltage indication: less than 2 .6V ± 0 .1V, boot display low voltage symbols
  • -Size: 15 x 4 cm
  • EAN: 6951740556897


With this thermometer you can measure in two ways. Namely through the forehead and through the ear. This is very clear on the buttons you have to press if you measure your temperature.

It automatically remember all 20 last measured temperatures, and it is measured in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The main function is suitable for all ages, and the ear function is only suitable for babies. The thermometer is easy to use and gives accurate measurement results. On the intuitive display, using color codes, you can quickly and easily see what result is.

After 10 seconds, the device will automatically turn off. Also the product is clinically tested for reliability and he has a high accuracy for the right measurement!

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