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Mutifunctional Ninyas LED Flashlight 9in1

-Equipped with different types of tools
-Powerful and bright light
-Sleek and modern design
-Indispensable for emergencies
-Ideal for camping
-Durable and sturdy material
-Nowhere cheaper!

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Mutifunctional Ninyas LED Flashlight 9in1


  • -Color: Black/Silver
  • -Pressure measuring range: 2-150 PSI
  • -Accuracy: about 1 PSI
  • -Battery: 3 x AAA battery
  • EAN: 8715249873262


Today we have the ideal flashlight on offer for anyone who loves an adventure. This is not just a flashlight flashlight from Ninyas, but also has 8 other features! Ideal for camping, in the car or during a walking tour.

First of all, the flashlight equipped with powerful LED light. With this powerful lamp you can easily find your way through the forest or tinkering with your car. In addition to a flashlight this gadget is equipped with a pressure gauge. This allows you to measure your car's tire pressure. When you measure your tire pressure, a LED lamp light giving you even at night has perfect vision.

Also, the flashlight to use as safety hammer. It is equipped with a knife. This knife is suitable to your emergency seat belt by cutting. The safety hammer is to use Windows by saving in emergencies.

In addition to a flashlight, a safety hammer and a knife is the flashlight equipped with different types of tools. The flashlight from Ninyas is equipped with a pair of pliers, a screwdriver (Phillips and Flathead) and a pair of scissors. The Flashlight is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

This flashlight by Ninyas is indispensable for camping, car, or for travel.

Take advantage of this deal while supplies last!