Member of Trustpilot

We want to keep our customers satisfied with our service and products! We believe in transparent relationships and thats why we are connected to the Trustpilot platform. As this is the the platform that gives consumers a voice and provides a forum for companies to listen.

We encourage all consumers who have had a genuine buying experience to share their opinions, because we believe that open conversations deliver real value. Consumers can make more informed decisions when they know what other consumers have experienced, and businesses gain important insights from customer feedback. The vast majority of reviews come from genuine consumers and we know that what we do comes with a responsibility and feel it’s crucial that people can trust the reviews that they read. 

We believe in the power of community

Our purpose is to make it easy for people to help each other. We do this by maintaining a review community that allows everyone to share their experiences and read about other people’s. 

We believe in uncensored reviews, which can be found at:

We prioritize the sharing of genuine reviews. So it never makes sense for us to censor or moderate reviews, Wilpe will never remove bad reviews. We will see them as an opportunity to learn and are open for feedback. Trustpilot is also open for everyone to use and people can write a review about their own genuine buying experience. 

Should you not be happy with our service our products. Please let us know! We will look for an good solution, as part of our efforts to strive for happy,  satisfied customers!


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