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Hybridlight Solar Flashlight

-Solar Panel with battery backup
-Loads on with every kind of light
-8 hours Seems long on one full battery
-Bright light up to 72 metres
-Waterproof up to 3 meters deep
-Ideal for your holidays
-Nowhere cheaper!

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Hybridlight Solar Flashlight


  • -Loads on by solar panel with battery backup
  • -Batteries Included
  • -8 hours of light (at full charge)
  • -Indicator lights indicate whether solar or battery power is used
  • -Light output of the LED bulb: 40 Lumens
  • -Very robust design
  • -Waterproof up to 3 meters
  • -Floats
  • -Keeps load for years fixed
  • -Light range: 72 metres
  • -Dimension: 18 cm
  • -Candela (cd): 1200cd
  • -Including string to easy to wear
  • -Color: yellow or black (discontinued is randomly supplied)
  • EAN: 8719958070769


You know the drill. You want to use your flashlight, but once again the batteries are empty. And batteries? That are nowhere to be found. Fortunately, today we offer the solution. Today have a flashlight that works on solar energy in the offer. This flashlight charges itself by any kind of light, and has batteries as a back-up. This will cause the flashlight rarely have an empty battery.

The flashlight will work on solar energy, and indicates by means of an indicator light. When the flashlight is about on battery power, this will also be indicated by means of an indicator light. The lamp can be located throughout the day (when the light is, and you don't need) can charge, and then in the night are fully charged. You can then use the flashlight in the night plenty of.

This particular flashlight also has more notable plus points. The flashlight is driving, and is waterproof up to 3 meters deep. So you don't have to worry about that you drop the flashlight in the water. You will not, however, quickly dropped the flashlight, it is equipped with a handy piece of string to it.

The flashlight at a fully charged battery can have 8 hour burn, very long so! In addition, the flashlight his load for years. You will the flashlight so also after a time of non-use. By its light output of 40 lumen flashlight has a bright light that shines up to 72 meters far.

So don't wait, and bring this Solar flashlight from HYbridlight in house, and you have a flashlight with a dead battery!

Take advantage of this deal while supplies last.