Hofftech Handy Trickle Charger

-Essential in your barn
-Handy trickle charger
-12 Volt connection
-Optimal battery life
-As long as supplies last
-Nowhere cheaper

  • 14 day trial period

This product is not available at the moment

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Hofftech Handy Trickle Charger


  • -12 Volt
  • -500 MA
  • -Protects against overcharging
  • -Protects against connecting wrong
  • EAN: 8719958114708


Do you want your vintage car, boat, motorcycle or cabrio again get out of the shed and want to go after bad start? We offer the solution today with this smart trickle charger! It is already getting warmer outside and the motor/scooter can back the barn or stalling out. Only did the engine indoors all winter and walked slowly empty the battery which is bad for the battery. Save yourself the cost of a new battery today.

This device keeps your battery always full and prevents your battery after the winter is broken. Also, the trickle charger equipped with a security (keeps on charging once the battery is full) from the moment the battery lose its charge runs automatically by this device is dripped. In short, this trickle charger ensures to maintain the life of your battery.

Take advantage of this deal while supplies last!