Hitachi Hikoki Wood twist drills 8 Piece

-For the real handyman!
-Indispensable in your home/garage
-8 piece
-Safe and comfortable
-Hitachi top quality!
-Including Chuck
-Nowhere cheaper!

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  • 14 day trial period
  • 3-4 workdays delivery time
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Hitachi Hikoki Wood twist drills 8 Piece


  • -Brand: Hitachi
  • -Color: Green
  • -Cylindrical inclusion
  • -8 Piece: 3 to 10 mm
  • -Material: Wood
  • -Chuck: Quick-Fit
  • -Type drilling: drilling
  • EAN: 8717574030143


A hole is not yet a hole, to solve with brute force is much but a true handyman – as one with a sound judgement and level recognize quality and takes no pleasure with one drill. You know that every job should access with the correct drill or bit. Just drill a hole in the wall that cable, or do you want the swing or horse box screwing on a concrete subfloor? Whatever you desire, you are with one of these sets in each case sure you the desired holes in wood, wall, floor, concrete or any other stone material easily creates.

Hitachi wood twist drill bits are of a professional quality and should certainly not lacking in the tool kit of each all-round professional. The wood twist drill is equipped with a Chuck with 3 points. Thanks to the extremely sharp Middle centering point is easy to position the drill for accurate positioning of the drilling hole. The two outer points ensure the breaking down of the wood-chips and provide a better finished bore hole.

There are a range of twist drills. As said is he 8 piece set! The Hitachi borenset contains the following twist drills: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm and 10 mm.

Quality is paramount in Hitachi Power Tools. The brand offers many electric, cordless and gasoline-powered tools. Machines to work is because every detail is thought: ergonomics, comfort, safety, employability and life span. With private developments, such as the brushless motor in both battery-like electrical machinery, translates Hitachi modern techniques to ease of use. So does Hitachi work of pleasant work.

The coating increases the hardness of the drill and has self-lubricating properties. The service life of the drill is thereby much higher. Coated drills cannot be cut without the hard to remove layer. Once cut, the quality equal to a non coated drill. This complete set is supplied in convenient metal keep case. With this huge set quality drilling, you always have the right size drill for hands. This professional metal drilling set features of increasing sizes.

Hitachi Koki co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of power tools and medical equipment, has announced that as of June 1, 2018, will change its company name in Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. the company will fully product line of power tools, better known as HITACHI and/or Hitachi Koki, under the new brand name HiKOKI with effect from 1 October 2018, rebrand. These name changes are in line with the ambitious international growth strategy of the company, aimed at ensuring sustainable growth and a further expansion of the global network of Hitachi Koki in almost 100 countries. The products remain the same and identical as they are, the only thing that changes is the brand name on the products

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