Grundig Sensor LED Night lamp

-Light in the darkness
-Ideal for in kids room, landing, etc.
-Energy saving
-Completely wireless
-Easy confirmation
-Automatic start-up
-Nowhere cheaper!

  • 14 day trial period

This product is not available at the moment

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Grundig Sensor LED Night lamp


  • -230V
  • -0, 6w
  • -Sensor 3Pcs
  • EAN: 8719958065888


You will find it pleasant that at night a light turns on when you need it? This night light comes on if anyone comes near. It's pretty easy to place In, for example, the baby or child's room, the hallway or the bathroom. The lamp turns on automatically when it gets dark and there's someone in the neighborhood.

Everyone does have such a place in house; It is there just a little darker than in other places, but now all the way to hang a lamp is not necessary since you are not very often does. Still a bit light in that darkness, of course, so convenient and at the stairs or in the hallway is very pleasant to see where you run. With this night lights is this so!

The brand Grundig has been in existence for more than seventy years but is only just under way. This innovative brand has everything in the field of electronics what you need. For at home and on the go. Through years of experience combined with the latest technologies know Grundig to surprise again and again with innovative products at an affordable price. You can make life a lot easier with the products of Grundig. Each product is tested extensively for the market is on the go. That way you are assured of the highest quality and Grundig can move on to the next 70 years.

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