GPSturtle Tracking Device

- Track and Trace everything!
- Rechargeable via USB
- Track vehicles worldwide
- SMS Communication and APP
- Clear display via Google Maps
- Register your routes traveled
- SOS button and Geofence
- Nowhere cheaper

  • 14 day trial period
  • 3-4 workdays delivery time
  • Hurry, only 4 available!







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GPSturtle Tracking Device


  • - ON / OFF button
  • - USB output
  • - SOS button
  • - LED indicator for battery
  • - SIM card holder
  • - Secure your vehicles
  • - SMS Communications
  • - Operation via Google Maps
  • - Records your routes traveled
  • - Warning when exceeding max speed.
  • - Weight 40 gram
  • - LxWxH Size: 75 x 25 x 10 mm
  • - Battery life in active mode: 2 days
  • - Battery life in standby mode: 20 days
  • EAN: 8026637639088


This super handy device will also will be quickly indispensable. From now on, no need to search for significant persons or valuables. Through the latest technology in this GPS tracker you are always aware of the location of whatever you attached to the tracker to. Think of tracing your: children, grandparents, pets, luggage, cars, lawn mowers, quads and motorcycles. Nothing escapes you as only an SMS or call to the GPSturtle tells you exactly the location. You actually receive a precise positioning with corresponding Google Maps link. No more searching!

In addition to determining location, the GPSturtle more can do for you. For example, it is also possible to measure distance traveled, speeds, and many other interesting items. You can add an administrator like your spouse or others giving access to the GPSturtle. This all-rounder in pocket format will surprise you go often and it is easily rechargeable via USB.

The commissioning of the GPSturtle works as follows:

Place the GPSturtle at the desired location
The GPSturtle is made in a compact and unobtrusive design, so take this tracker easily anywhere. Because a convenient hole in the corner of the tracker has been designed, you can fix it yourself as a keychain. The tracker is also inconspicuous on for example a motorcycle, scooter, boat, car or caravan. So you always know where your valuables are located.
Send an SMS message
Simply send an SMS message to the GPSturtle and it lets you immediately know where it is at that moment. Very useful to protect property and really fun if you want to know where you've been all during a cycle or walk. You can also keep one eye on the GPSturtle and others provide the location. (Think an emergency call, avalanche dangerous area etc.)

The GPSturtle
If you have sent an SMS message to the GPSturtle the GPSturtle will provide you with information. The GPSturtle will let you into the SMS to know more the last measured speed, location and battery status at that time.

The GPSturtle works with Google Maps, enabling you to clearly see at a glance where the GPSturtle is or has been. You get the text message with a link to Google Maps together with the locations of the GPSturtle, or follow everything through the APP.

The GPSturtle has many additional features. Thus it can alert you when it detects a movement. Ideal if you want to protect a caravan or boat that is not always on view. The GPSturtle can send an alert when you exceed your set speed limit. It can warn you when it leaves an area established by you.

The GPSturtle also has an SOS button. This button can be pressed in case of emergency. At the time the button is pressed will the the GPSturtle paired phone (s) a message notifying you of the distress signal and the location from which this notification has been made. Often used by firefighters, the elderly and other professions and people in higher risk areas.

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