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Dytect Mini Optical Smoke Detector- 10 years

-No fewer than 10 years of safety
-Smallest smoke detector in the world
-Minimum and compact dimensions
-Long battery life
-Alarm and power LED
-Self-check function
-HUSH function
-Each piece has its own unique Identify code
-Can signal low battery
-Reliable and easy installation
-Meet CE and EN14604
-You won't find this cheaper anywhere else!

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Dytect Mini Optical Smoke Detector- 10 years


  • Most important features:
  • -Minimum and compact dimensions (46mm/46mm)
  • -Long battery life (10 years)
  • -Alarm/power light
  • -Self-check function
  • -A false alarm can be triggered in the event of excess dust accumulation or device malfunction
  • -HUSH function
  • -Each piece has its own unique identify code (ID code) for traceability
  • -Can signal low battery
  • -Can not be installed if battery is missing
  • -Reliable, easy, and simple installation
  • Technical:
  • -Power: 3V lthium battery
  • -Standby current: <4uA
  • -Smoke sensitivity: Meet CE & EN14604: 2005+ AC2008 STANDARD with rule 305/2011 - NF292
  • -Operating Temperature: 4 ° C - 38 ° C
  • -Humidity: 10% - 90%
  • -Material: ABS
  • -Overall Dimensions: 46 mm (H) x 46 mm (W) x 42 mm (L)
  • -Color: clear white
  • -Alarm sound level: 85 decibels
  • Components:
  • -Smoke alarm
  • -Mounting bracket
  • -3V lithium battery
  • EAN: 3854784824225


Safety is paramount, so make your life safer with the smallest smoke detector in the world!

Did you know that most fire casualties are from smoke inhalation? This is because if there's a fire when you're asleep, you may not be woken up by the smell of smoke. Instead, you could fall into a deep unconsciousness and continue inhaling toxic gases. All this can occur within only a couple minutes, so optimal smoke detectors are really vital.

It's important to maintain and clean any smoke detector. If there is too much dust, the sensor can stop working. You can test the Optical Smoke Detector by pressing the test button. It is important to do this from time to time to make sure that your smoke alarm is still working. This smoke alarm lasts a decade, but the batteries inside will only last one year long.

It is also important to place the detector in the right place in your home. Put the smoke detector in the hallway or a room between the kitchen and living room. Of course, you can put one on every floor of your house, but make sure to mount it to the ceiling because smoke rises. In fact, smoke is lighter than air and will accumulate on the ceiling. Remember to hang the smoke alarm more than 50 cm from the side walls and corners of a room.

The smoke detector should not be hung in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage. Cooking smoke or even a draft could trigger false alarms. Worst case scenario, your smoke alarm accumulates too much dust, and you are no longer protected.

Check out the official website: www.dytect.com

Sleep safely with this Photoelectric Smoke Detector. Today, we have it at a super low price.