Dunlop Smart Charger Trickle Charger

-Vintage car, boat, motorcycle, car, etc.
-Professional quality
-Equipped with surge protection
-With LED display
-Smart 5 phase charging curve
-Short circuit protection.
-Spark protection.
-Waterproof case
-Essential in your barn

  • 14 day trial period

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Dunlop Smart Charger Trickle Charger


  • Features:
  • -With LED display.
  • -Smart 4-phase charging curve
  • -With protection against polarity reversal (wrong connected).
  • -Short circuit protection.
  • -Spark protection.
  • -Protection against overheating.
  • -Waterproof enclosure IP65
  • -Temperature compensation (5 temperature settings)
  • -Cord length: 180 cm.
  • -Suitable for: Gel, cell, or ordinary lead-acid batteries
  • -Loading batteries of 6V-0.55 A and 12v-1 A
  • -Self checking 5fasige program curve, full capacity, absortpie, druppelladerwerking
  • -Waterproof case
  • -Dimension: 16 5 x 3, 8 cm
  • Indicator lamps
  • -Reverse polarity
  • -Reverse connections
  • -Battery 3V battery error
  • -Charging-the battery takes load on
  • -Battery charged-the battery is fully charged or in druppelladermodus
  • EAN: 8719958064614


The temperatures diving again at night below zero and this means that there is more of the batteries is required. We offer the solution today with this smart trickle charger!

With the quick charge function load at an empty battery extremely fast and start after short time any vehicle. This luxury battery trainer with surge-security is indispensable for anyone who knows the feeling that his or her car, tractor, snowmobile, boat, vintage or cross engine does not start.

The trickle charger is controlled by a 12-bit AD microprocessor with a 5-phase charging profile for batteries of passenger cars, motorcycles, tractors, boats, etc. The microprocessor records the condition of the battery and fit the controller to the battery so that the right flow and the correct voltage. As a result, the battery is fully charged and the optimal life span extended.

If the Led light bulb '' full '' comes on, the battery is fully charged. The battery charger switches now in druppelladermodus and requires no further attention to the device before use. If the mains plug from the wall outlet, the battery charger is turned off. The charger automatically switches back to '' Stand by '' as the DC voltage cable clamps removed from the battery, while the plug is still plugged in.

Avoid surprises and make sure you are well prepared with the professional batteries. Also ideal for batteries of the severally in winter maintenance vehicles such as classic cars and engines to provide power so that the battery damage free through the winter.

Take advantage of this super sharp offer while supplies last, because OP = OP!