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Dunlop Car Cover- XL

-Suitable for the whole season
-Protects against moisture, snow, dirt and sun
-Prevents frost attack on the car window
-Simple and fast installation
-Scratch-free car cover
-Ventilated and waterproof
-You won't find this cheaper anywhere else!

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Dunlop Car Cover- XL


  • -Dimensions: 534 x 178 x 120cm
  • -Material: non-woven
  • -Protects against frost, pollution, etc.
  • -Easy to assemble
  • -Scratch-free car cover
  • EAN: 8711252417820


The Dunlop Car Cover- XL protects your car all year. It's practical and can be assembled quickly to protect against humidity, snow, and dirt!

Car covers are especially handy during the winter to avoid having to wipe off your windshield. No more standing in the cold, scraping off your windows while the car heats up.

The Dunlop Car Cover- XL protects your car against the weather, and frost has no chance to attach to your window. Simply place the cover on the car and pull it across. Each morning just pull off the car cover, and you're good to go.

This car cover is ideal to protect your car from dust and dirt whether it is in the parking lot or being transported by trailer.

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