Catch Caddy Duo Pack

-2 pieces delivered!
-Keeps your car neat
-Ideal for things
-Suitable for any car
-Easy installation
-Wash off easily
-Nowhere cheaper

  • 14 day trial period
  • 3-4 workdays delivery time
  • Hurry, only 2 available!







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Catch Caddy Duo Pack


  • -Keeps your car neat
  • -Ideal for things
  • -Suitable for any car
  • -Size: 37.5 cm long and 6.5 cm wide
  • EAN: 8719958057449


Today a super handy offer at Daystunt! Who does not suffer from all those troop under the seat of your car? With the Catch Caddy are no longer experience. Everything next to your Chair is caught by the Catch Caddy. In addition, the Catch Caddy the ideal storage place for all your stuff that you can't use it while driving.
You will receive 2 CatchCaddy's when you purchase this product. So both have chairs a private Catch Caddy!

Everyone eats well be while driving. Where is eaten, is tampered with. By the Catch Caddy is your car not equal a garbage dump after eating a sandwich behind the wheel. The Catch Caddy is suitable for any car and can easily be placed between the center stack and the Chair. You slide it there easily between. By the Catch Caddy as storage place to use for example mobile, charger and your wallet, you are no longer distracted by things in the boxes of your dashboard. This provides additional road safety for yourself and your fellow road users.

The Catch Caddy is easy to keep clean by the anti-bacterial coating which this. This allows you to Catch the Caddy just wash off with SOAP and water. Because also on the passenger seat tampered with is you get today is not delivered but 1 Catch Caddy 2! So you keep your vehicle is cleaner and also has the driver's private storage box for all of his or her stuff!

Take advantage of this offer while supplies last.