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Buzz Free Magnetic Fly Screen

-Magnetic horde hours duo Pack
-Durable nylon
-Closes automatically
-Easy installation
-Keeps annoying insects outside
-Close itself fast and light
-Smart magnetic system
-Fits all standard doors and frames
-No drilling or screws
-Nowhere cheaper

  • 14 day trial period

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Buzz Free Magnetic Fly Screen


  • -Door screen of 220 x 100 cm
  • -18 magnets
  • EAN: 8711252419596


Do you recognize this? You can find the places in the summer or when the weather is nice to keep your doors open for some feeling with the outside world and for the necessary ventilation, but then ...., those pesky insects and all kinds of other pests in your House flies and the rest what so upsets!

We now have the solution to the little pests to keep out, but at the time still to get plenty of fresh air in your home. The Buzz Free, the revolutionary magnetic screen door that fresh air in late, but insects outside. The secret is the durable nylon mesh that keeps the insects outside, without polluting the environment.

The fly screen comes with 18 strategically placed magnets so that you, your children, guests, and even pets can easily in and out. Whether you go in or go out, even if you have something in the hand, the magnetic Miracle By closes automatically after you've gone through it. In this way, annoying insects get no more chances to get in. The fly screen is ideal for all doors, patio doors and sliding glass doors. The system is installed in just a few minutes. Without tools and without damaging the door frame.

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- Option 1:1 x magnetic fly screen from 29,95 for 3,99 (Sold out)
- Option 2:2 x Magnetic fly Curtain from 29,95 for 5,95 (Sold out)