Benson battery and alternator Tester

-6 clear Leds
-For the right control
-Digital display
-Benson top quality
-Includes battery clamps
-For battery and alternator
-Safe and easy to operate
-Nowhere cheaper

  • 14 day trial period

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Benson battery and alternator Tester


  • Battery charge condition:
  • -12.6 V full (green)
  • 12.0 V-50% charge (yellow)
  • -11.5 V low load (red)
  • The charging voltage of the alternator:
  • -V charging voltage 14.5 i. O (green)
  • -13.2 V charging voltage low (yellow)
  • -15.5 V charging voltage too high (red)
  • -Includes battery clamps
  • -Only for 12 V DC
  • EAN: 8719958114142


The engine of your car start? Not sure about the performance of your battery? 33% of breakdowns caused by a faulty battery. Because of the complex technologies that are used in modern vehicles, more and more asked of a battery. If you check the battery every now and then, do you know when you need to take action, which ultimately can prevent the battery on an unwanted time fails or you need to buy a new battery.

This Benson battery and alternator tester is designed for the control of the loading condition of your car battery or the functioning of the alternator. The battery tester is safe and easy to operate. By means of 6 Leds gives the battery tester directly clear a rash that the voltage of the battery is good. If the vehicle is started then the tester also to that the voltage of the dynamo still sufficient or too high.

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