Animals LED Safety Belt

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-Extra safe
-For the quadruped
-3 x LED lighting
-Is seen
-Dog and cat
-Seen on TV
-Nowhere cheaper

  • 14 day trial period

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  • lewerissa  

    Snelle verzending in een degelijke verpakking
Animals LED Safety Belt


  • -3 x LED lighting
  • -Adjustable length: 68 cm
  • EAN: 8719958065086


With winter still in full swing, it is still dark early outside. This means that good lighting very useful and very safe, not only for your bicycle, but also, of course, for your dog and cat. In the dark they are hard to see which makes them less noticeable and thus a greater risk of accidents. This is no one right? Take your pet extra in protection with this safety belt and make sure they are also easily seen in the dark.

Our four-legged friends love to take walks before going to sleep, but often it is already dark outside. With this handy dog leash you are also clearly visible in the dark and you can see where you are running the built-in LED lamp. An extra life insurance for your four-legged friend. By the LED light can your oncoming traffic you and your dog or cat! So after this safety safety for your dog is also very important for your self.

The red LED light allows for full control over your four-legged friend running times even in the dark. In the morning, afternoon or evening or that well. With this belt you always have an extra piece of security over your pet. So just block to the evening with your four-legged friend? Be just as safe with a lamp on the belt so that one can see in the dark your good. Prevents many accidents. Ideal and safe for every dog lover!

Take advantage now as long as stocks last!

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- 1:1 x Safety belt option from 9,95 for 1,95 (Sold out)
- from 19,95 for 3,50 (Sold out)

Trustpilot reviews:
  • lewerissa  

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