360 Degrees Experience Ninyas Wi-Fi Video Cam

-360 Degree videos
-Top quality!
-Easy to fit
-Bicycle, car, swimming etc!
-Full HD
-Nowhere cheaper!

  • 14 day trial period
  • 3-4 workdays delivery time
  • Hurry, only 16 available!







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360 Degrees Experience Ninyas Wi-Fi Video Cam


  • -Brand: Ninyas
  • -Waterproof
  • -360 degree panorama video
  • -Detachable battery
  • -3D VR Videos
  • -220 degrees fish-eye lens
  • -30 fps
  • -Wi-Fi
  • EAN: 8719001528568


Are you looking for a video camera that is easy to carry. Everywhere to use, and also still is the best and the sharpest image videos and photos to you can provide? Then you're looking for the 360 Degrees Experience Ninyas Wi-Fi Video Cam. Doubt not, for he is now available in our shop!

With the 260 Degrees Ninyas Wi-Fi Experience Video Cam do you miss not a moment more! The video camera is very easy to mount on your bike, helmet, snowboard or ski pole might be on your dashboard. You are at the cycling, motoring and is there a time that you necessarily need to record with this video camera. The 360 degree swivel Ninyas Video Cam is and takes everything on in a corner of 220 degrees. Ideal! You can compare this camera actually a bit with a Go Pro. It's waterproof up to 30 meters under water and is also snow-resistant. The camera goes so long with it, and is not quickly broken. It delivers you The craziest and coolest Ninyas Video Camera images on. has a high resolution of a photo (16 Mp) and video (4 k, 30 fps)

Don't worry about missing a top time, and take everything on the Ninyas Experience Video Cam! The removable battery is easy to replace and extend your camera. Already an indispensable gadget near you home!

Take advantage of this deal while supplies last!