10 Pack Hitachi Hikoki PH Bit 50 mm

-As many as 10 bit
-Optional 100 bits
-PH1, PH2 and PH3
-Length up to 50 mm
-Professional quality
-High Speed Steel
-Indispensable in every work place
-Convenient storage case
-Complete bittenset
-Nowhere cheaper

  • 2 year guarantee
  • 14 day trial period
  • 3-4 workdays delivery time
  • Hurry, only 16 available!







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10 Pack Hitachi Hikoki PH Bit 50 mm


  • -Length: 50 mm
  • -Brand: Hitachi
  • EAN: 4250155812447


With this huge set bits for your cordless drill, you always have the right size PH bit for hands. The Hitachi bits are packed in a handy storage box, and Hitachi is he with its 18 piece very well filled. With this 10 piece HSS Bitset seizes you never more wrong. We offer the bitsets to in sizes PH1, PH2 and PH3 to the length of 50 mm. also, we offer you the opportunity to 10 x 10 Pack (100 Bits) to order for an even sharper price!

HSS means "High Speed Steel". The name comes from the property that you run at high speeds with this material can apply without hardness of bit is lost. With this hefty set has any measure of hands and are you also have the desired bit. Everything merged in 1 Smart set. Indispensable for the professional that make the most of its screw machine.

Quality comes first at Hitachi Hitachi is the specialist in the field of tool for the end user. Hitachi has for many years been the main supplier of hand tools, both electric and non-electric tools. Machines to work is because every detail is thought: ergonomics, comfort, safety, employability and long service life. With private developments such as the brushless motor in both battery-electric machines are the most modern techniques translated to ease of use. So does Hitachi work of pleasant work.

Hitachi Koki co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of power tools and medical equipment, has announced that as of June 1, 2018, will change its company name in Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. the company will fully product line of power tools, better known as HITACHI and/or Hitachi Koki, under the new brand name HiKOKI with effect from 1 October 2018, rebrand. These name changes are in line with the ambitious international growth strategy of the company, aimed at ensuring sustainable growth and a further expansion of the global network of Hitachi Koki in almost 100 countries. The products remain the same and identical as they are, the only thing that changes is the brand name on the products

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Select from the following options:
- Option 1:10 Pack Hitachi PH1 Bit 50 mm from 19,95 for 6,95
- Option 2:10 Pack Hitachi PH2 Bit 50 mm from 19,95 for 6,95 (Sold out)
- Option 3:10 Pack Hitachi PH3 Bit 50 mm from 19,95 for 6,95
- from 199,95 for 50,00
- from 199,95 for 50,00 (Sold out)
- from 199,95 for 50,00